It doesn’t take long to come up with some pretty compelling reasons to get access control at your place of business. We’re talking physical access control here – a security system that either permits or prevents entry to a building or space. The system is supervised remotely, giving your management team control over anybody coming and going.

We’ve all experienced these in hotels or apartment complexes, but as security is an increasingly necessary priority for modern businesses, they’re also becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Once you’ve had a look at the below benefits of access control systems, you’ll see why this is a good idea!

The Benefits of Access Control Systems

Moving Away from Traditional Keys

There are a lot of flaws when it comes to securing a building with physical keys. If you’re in a large, you end up with a huge keyring with a confusing mass of keys attached. Staff who get their own keys could lose them or forget to hand them in when they leave your company. The keys could easily be duplicated or end up in the hands of the wrong people.

An access control system means no keys, no trips to the locksmith and no unwanted visitors gaining easy access.

Keep Track of Personnel

The access control system will collect data on everyone who comes and goes. If there’s an incident in a particular space, you’ll know exactly who was there at that time. If someone leaves the building early or late or is in the wrong section at the wrong time, you’ll have the data to prove it.

Keep Unwanted People Out

Your onsite security is one of the most important reasons for access control. If you run a large corporation, it can be easier for people to slip in and out, undetected. Once inside they could access company data, make off with expensive assets or commit acts of sabotage.

Access control prevents any unauthorised entry. Even if your business is too large for you to know everyone who works there, you know that if they’re inside the building, they’re meant to be there.

Easier for Employees

Authorised employees can get to the necessary areas of the workplace with ease. They don’t have to seek authorisation at each step, because they already have it through the access control. No more searching for the person with the right key!

Greater Flexibility for Employees

The timing of shifts becomes less of an issue because employees will be able to come and go whenever required. They can get to work early and not have to wait for someone to open the doors for them, or leave late without requiring someone to stay behind and lock up. This can be helpful if you’re serving customers in different time zones and don’t follow traditional work hours.

Upscale to Multiple Locations

Maybe your college covers two campuses, or your business has branches in different suburbs. Things start to get complicated if you’re using old-school, key-based systems. A good access control system can scale upwards and be programmed to include multiple locations.


Depending on the industry you work in, you may have to comply with regulations on physical access to data. Whether it’s paper or digital files, access control systems help secure the information and keep your organisation compliant.

Choose the Leading Access Control System 

If you’re looking for innovative access solutions that can be adapted to your business size, needs and budget, we’d always recommend Salto. We rely on Salto for our access control here at Enviroconnect, and we’re also an official Australian partner of theirs. When it comes to quality and reliability, they’re the global market leader in smart access electronic control.

Here are some of the things we love about Salto:

Mobile Control: Keyless access can be with a smart card or your mobile device, while guests, suppliers or visitors can get access with a temporary PIN code.

Efficient Management: 24/7 control of your facility is easy through the central management platform.

Intrusion Detection: You get live reports on access activity, so if someone tries to intrude after hours you’ll know about it.

Easy to Use and Low Maintenance:  Salto is designed to retrofit onto your existing doors, so an upgrade from traditional locking devices is simple.

Integrates Easily:  It’ll work with current security systems, CCTV, fire alarm and building system software.

Get in Touch with the Brisbane Access Control Experts

If you have any questions about access control and how Salto can help secure your workplace, get in touch with Enviroconnect. We have helped many businesses across Queensland enjoy greater security and peace of mind with cutting-edge, smart electronic access systems.

We can help do the same for you! Speak to a member of our expert team, today.

This article originally appeared on the Smile IT blog and can be accessed here. EnviroConnect is a part of Smile IT.