Charities to Smile About


At EnviroConnect, we are proud to be a subsidiary of Smile IT, a parent company with a strong commitment to social responsibility. Smile IT has a long history of supporting various charities and initiatives that aim to make a positive impact on the world. Our team members have the opportunity to get involved in various charitable activities and volunteer their time and skill to help those in need. 

We believe giving back to the community is an essential part of our corporate culture and values, and we are proud to be associated with the following organisations:


RizeUp Australia

RizeUp create awareness of domestic and family violence, providing practical support for affected families. They secure and furnish refuges for people escaping domestic violence, making far-reaching and practical contributions to their well-being.

New Life Trust

New Life Trust is an organisation focused on relieving the poverty, sickness and suffering of children. They are currently based in Myanmar, providing relief for orphans and abandoned children.

Grassroots Cricket

Grassroots Cricket helps kids in vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe. Through the power of cricket they provide life coaches, life skills and essential support; helping provide cricket equipment to the kids and allowing them to access their own potential.

Zimbabwe Aid Fund

ZAF, the Zimbabwe Aid Fund, was set up with the sole purpose of raising money to support old age pensioners in Zimbabwe. Hyperinflation and economic meltdown has eroded pensions and savings accounts, and many of these pensioners survive purely on donations.

Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross needs little introduction.  For decades they’ve been mobilising the power of humanity to help others in need. From International disasters to assisting migrants and providing community services, the Red Cross are an immense force for good.

Mother's Day Classic

The Mothers Day Classic is an annual fundraising event where 10’s of thousands of Australians go on a charity walk or run to raise money for Brest cancer. Over 25 years it has grown into one of the biggest events on the fundraising calendar in the country.

Footy Colours Day

Footy Colours Day is an initiative by the Fight Cancer Foundation. It’s a national community fundraising event to help kids with cancer stay on top of their schoolwork. Once a year thousands of people across Australia wear their footy colours to work or school to help raise funds.

Kutenda Childrens Home, Zimbabwe

This inspiring orphanage operates in a rural area close to the capital of Harare. They house, feed and educate orphaned or abandoned children, who are particularly vulnerable in the context of the dire Zimbabwean economy.