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At EnviroConnect we are passionate about helping our clients implement innovative and reliable connectivity solutions. Our leading team of network experts has helped communities and businesses stay connected from remote locations, ensuring clear communications and efficient operations.


EnviroConnect is all about transforming connectivity challenges into opportunities for our clients. From the initial design and implementation to the monitoring, maintenance and support of your custom solution, our end-to-end service is as smooth as your new internet connection!

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EnviroConnect Starlink installation

Starlink Installation

Starlink technology provides global satellite internet access, creating speedy and reliable connections in remote areas.

Enviroconnect IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Our IoT solutions enable businesses to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and gather valuable data for informed decision-making.

EnviroConnect Network architecture

Network Architecture

We provide end-to-end network solutions: design, installation, and maintenance services to your business’ network architecture.

EnviroConnect Telecoms


Boost your business with dependable internet and voice telecommunication solutions tailored for clarity, speed and reliability.

EnviroConnect Turnkey solutions

Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey solutions include GPS tracking, fire alerts, LoRa-WAN, trailer lighting, and speed tracking for comprehensive operational efficiency.

EnviroConnect Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Experience enhanced business performance through our comprehensive managed services and cyber security solutions.

EnviroConnect Long Range Coms

Long Range Coms

Elevate your business capabilities with long-range communication solutions that extended operational reach and improve on-site connectivity.

EnviroConnect CCTV installation

Security Solutions

Empower your business with security solutions for robust protection, monitoring, and streamlined management of your assets and operations.

Proud Division of Smile IT

Smile IT is an Australian end-to-end managed services provider. We offer an integrated suite of  IT solutions including cybersecurity, cloud service, software development, IT consulting and management, and much more.

As a company committed to delivering exceptional service, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to align their IT systems and infrastructure with their corporate goals.

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