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IoT Industry Applications

IoT Solutions

IoT (Internet of Things) solutions have revolutionized the way we collect, analyse, and manage data in various industries. IoT technology allows for the integration of devices, sensors, and software applications to enable real-time monitoring and management of various assets and processes.

Our EnviroConnect team can help you design and deploy customised IoT solutions to improve organisational efficiency, reduce costs, and gain valuable insights into your assets. Devices can be integrated into your existing infrastructure, or provide a complete end-to-end solution.

We offer cutting-edge IoT technology in the following categories:

> IoT Environmental Sensors

> Long-Range Network Monitoring

> IoT Monitoring Software

IoT Environmental Sensors

The EnviroConnect team is experienced in deploying IoT environmental sensors. These devices provide real-time monitoring of environmental conditions such:

> Air quality

> Temperature sensors

> Humidity

> Water tank level

We can work with you to deploy a customised IoT solution that meets your specific business goal.

    Long-Range Network Monitoring

    EnviroConnect offers IoT Long-Range Network Monitoring procurement and installment which offers a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring and management of assets across a wide area. By leveraging the latest technologies, including LoRaWAN, NBIoT, and Starlink Gateway, we provide long-range communication capabilities that can cover large geographic areas.

    > LoRaWAN – EnviroConnect offers end-to-end LoRaWAN solutions, including the deployment and integration of devices and sensors.

    > NBIoT – operates on existing cellular signal to enable low-power, low-cost device connection to the internet. NBIoT offers improved network capacity and coverage, enabling a large number of devices to the internet.

    > Starlink Gateway – with low latency and high-bandwidth, Starlink Gateway supports real-time data streaming and remote monitoring of assets.

    IoT Monitoring Software

        Our internally developed IoT monitoring platform is a cutting-edge software solution designed to grant our clients comprehensive monitoring capabilities for their IoT devices. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it provides real-time insights. proactive alerts, and centralised control over your IoT ecosystem, ensuring optimal performance, and efficiency of your connected device.
        Key features include:
        > Device Monitoring and Management
        > Real-time Data Visualisation
        > Alerts and Notifications
        > Data Analytics and Reporting
        > Scalable and Flexible Architecture

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