In-Ground and Overhead Cable Connection

Our EnviroConnect cabling technicians are industry certified and ready to design and implement custom cabling solutions for your business needs.

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In-Ground and Overhead Cable Solutions


Fibre Optic Cabling is an integral part of any network infrastructure, our team has the experience, expertise and qualifications to get the job done safely the first time. EnviroConnect will work closely with you to design and implement the right cable infrastructure solution that meets your communication requirements. 

We offer a range of cable solutions, including:

> In-ground Fibre Solutions – Certified

> Overhead Fibre Solutions – Certified

> MATV and Commercial Antenna

> Ethernet Over Coaxial Solutions

> Cat 6Cable Solutions – Certified

> Ground Location Services

In-Ground Fibre Solutions

We use high-quality fibre optic cables to ensure that your network runs smoothly with high bandwidth and low latency.

Our team of experienced technicians will conduct a thorough site assessment to determine the most effective route for your in-ground cables. This ensures a seamless installation process that meets both Australian and industry standards.

 Key Features and Benefits

> End-to-end solutions: we will handle all aspects of the installation process including excavation, trenching, and cable laying

> We use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure precise and secure placement of the fibre cables, minimising the risk of damage

> We design and install in-ground cable systems that can accommodate future expansion- ensuring your network infrastructure remains capable and adaptable.

Overhead Fibre Solutions

EnviroConnect specialises in providing speedy and professional installation services for overhead fibre solutions. We take pride in our speedy installation process, ensuring efficient deployment while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Our team is qualified to work safely at heights, guaranteeing a secure installation that meets all necessary regulations and guidelines.

Key Features and Benefits

> Installing cables above ground minimises the risk of environmental damage from excavation or environmental factors

> Fibre cables are built to withstand extreme weather conditions

> Overhead fibre cables are more cost-effective than traditional trenching methods as labour and machinery costs are significantly less

MATV and Commercial Antenna

EnviroConnect offers professional MATV (Master Antenna Television) and commercial antenna installation services to ensure reliable and efficient distribution of television signal and communication needs within your building or facility.

Our installation service includes a thorough assessment of your building’s layout and communication needs, followed by thorough planning and installation of MATV systems and commercial antennas. Our skilled technicians handle the entire process from mounting antennas to installing amplifiers and connecting the distribution network. We prioritise cable management to ensure an organised setup that minimises signal loss, interference, and, maintenance costs. Our team also conducts thorough testing and calibration to fine-tune the system for optimal signal transmission and reception.

Ethernet Over Coaxial Solutions

Out Ethernet over coaxial solutions are designed to provide high-speed data transfer over existing coaxial cables. This solution is ideal for organisations that require upgrades to their network infrastructure without replacing existing cabling. Our team will work closely with you to determine the most effective solution for your organisation, taking into consideration your existing network infrastructure, communication requirements and budget.

Cat 6 Cable Solutions

 By choosing our Cat6 cabling installation services, you can expect improved network performance and enhacned bandwidth capabilities. Cat6 cables are designed for high-speed data transmission, reducing crosstalk and interference, which results in greater network reliability and faster data transfer rates.

We use high-quality Cat6 cables and industry-standard connectors to ensure a robust network infrastructure. Our installations fully comply with standards and regulations, ensuring optimal performance and seamless compatibility with your existing network equipment. 

Ground Location Services

We use high-quality fibre optic cables to ensure that your network runs smoothly with high bandwidth and low latency. Our team of experienced technicians will conduct a site assessment to determine the most effective route for your in-ground cables, delivering fast and reliable internet connectivity with minimal disruption to your operations.

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