Maritime Connection

Combine multiple LTE, WiFi and VSAT for reliable and fast onboard connectivity

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Maritime Projects

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Enhancing Superyacht Connectivity

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Unbreakable Connection

Reliable internet connectivity revolutionises maritime operations, enhancing communication, safety, and efficiency. Real-time collaboration regardless of location enables seamless decision-making and coordination. Access to real-time data streams empowers data-driven decisions – optimising routes and reducing fuel consumption. Advanced technologies like radar and AR navigation systems ensure safer navigation. Seamless onshore connectivity streamlines fleet management and logistics, minimising port congestion.


Internet connection also enhances onboard enjoyment, adding entertainment for guests and crew onboard. However, establishing reliable and high-speed speed connectivity in maritime environments has been a significant  challenge due to numerous factors, In recent years technological advancements have brought forth innovative solutions to address these difficulties, with products like Starlink and Peplink leading the way.

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Maritime Connection


With access to a range of leading ship-to-shore connectivity technology, trust the EnviroConnect team to design and install a reliable solution that satisfies all your operational needs.

> Professional Installation

> Starlink 4G and 5G Connection

> Fail Safe Multi-Wan Bonding Solutions

> Peplink and Starlink Installation and Integration

> SMART Security, Audio-Visual, and Internet Boat Communications

Peplink Installation & Integration


EnviroConnect has proudly partnered with Peplink to provide our clients with unbreakable maritime connection- combine multiple LTE, WiFi, and VSAT for reliable and fast onboard connectivity. 

> Professional and efficient installation

> 5G Connection

> Peplink and Starlink integration

> Fail Safe Multi-Wan Bonding Solutions

> IP68 Rated and UV Proof

> Cloud-based network management platform


SMART Technology


Ensure your maritime vessel is fully integrated and secured.

> SMART Security- CCTV camera and installation

> SMART audio and visual capabilities

> SMART onboard internal communications

> GPS tracking installation

> PA Intercom

> Mooring communication solutions: audio and visual



Enjoy uninterrupted high-speed, low-latency internet connection from any location around the globe. 

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