You’ve got a modern warehouse that relies heavily on automated machinery and robotics, which need a strong connection to work. Unfortunately, your industrial Wi-Fi solution just isn’t delivering. There are too many signal gaps and too many areas with weak Wi-Fi signal.  

As a result, you’re not enjoying the transformative effect new technology should be bringing to your business. Your operations aren’t as efficient as they should be. You’re losing money.  

There has to be a better way than the traditional wireless networks that rely on fixed infrastructure, right?  

There is, and as proud Australian Rajant partners, EnviroConnect are very excited to be able to offer it to you. Today we’re going to look at Rajant Kinetic Mesh® and how it can supercharge the industrial Wi-Fi in your warehouse.  

Kinetic Mesh®: The Best Network for Automated Workflows 

Network coverage in a busy, automated warehouse is mission critical. A break in network coverage can mean everything grinding to a halt, with workflows and productivity going out the window. Traditional Wi-Fi networks struggle with working around warehouse objects that can block signal (such as a metal pallet rack). This means mobile machinery will often enter spaces where there is poor signal.  

Kinetic Mesh® is designed in a way that solves all signal problems in a warehouse. It’s intelligent and self-optimising, supporting M2M (Machine to Machine) communication between equipment moving around your warehouse floor.  

How, you ask? Let’s find out.  

How Kinetic Mesh® Works 

The private wireless network consists of nodes called Breadcrumbs®, which will be distributed around your warehouse. The unique thing about these peer-to-peer nodes is they can be placed directly on warehouse machinery, both moving and stationary. This means your coverage is adaptive, moving with the machinery to eliminate areas of dead coverage.   

Rajant Breadcrumbs

Rajant Breadcrumb® Node

Even the areas that are hardest to network, such as behind a metal rack, can be covered with a strategically placed Breadcrumb®. Say goodbye to dropped data! Machines and people will all be connected to a flawless, reliable and high-speed network. These are some of its advanced characteristics: 

Multi-Radio and Multi-Frequency 

Breadcrumbs® can hold many connections over many frequencies, all at the same time. This means network traffic has many paths which it can take, and thanks to the Kinetic Instamesh® technology it’s always routed along the fastest, most reliable path. If that path suddenly becomes unavailable – say a forklift moves behind a metal storage rack – it will be seamlessly redirected to the next best path. Mobile machinery reliant on network connectivity will never experience downtime!  

M2M Communications 

They’re rugged and resilient, yet lightweight and easy to deploy. This makes the Breadcumbs® so perfect for demanding industrial and warehouse environments. What’s even more appealing though is they enable M2M communications between equipment. This means machinery equipped with the nodes can communicate directly with each other, rather than having to rely on a sketchy traditional Wi-Fi signal to do so. 

Easy To Scale 

A Kinetic Mesh® network can grow as you need it simply by adding more nodes around the warehouse. You can scale them up to include hundreds of nodes, increasing the strength of your network as you do so because you’re creating more paths for traffic to take. The network self-optimises as you add the nodes, automatically beginning to communicate with other nodes in the area.  

High Throughput, Low Latency 

Kinetic Mesh® has immense bandwidth to handle large amounts of data being transmitted by autonomous warehouse machinery. This allows for equipment health to be directly monitored in real-time, making maintenance more predictable. It also means the sensors onboard the machines that provide telemetry to physically guide them are unfailingly accurate. The result is a safer and more secure warehouse floor.  

Contact the Brisbane Rajant Partners 

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® networks aren’t just applicable to warehouse spaces. Mine sites, agricultural setups, educational institutions, shipping ports and many more industrial landscapes can benefit from the robust, reliable and fast connectivity Rajant offers.  

EnviroConnect are an official Brisbane partner of Rajant, and would love to help your business upgrade your network and communication abilities. Why not get in touch today and one of our expert team will answer any questions you might have?