We get to deal with some cool tech in the industrial projects industry. One hotly anticipated piece of game-changing communications equipment has been Starlink, the high-speed remote internet solution from none other than Elon Musk. So you can imagine our excitement when we got to do our first Starlink installation, heading out to a 9000 acre farm near Mount Mistake in the Lockyer Valley.

But before we talk about the install, let’s take a closer look at Starlink.

What is Starlink?

Everyone’s favourite entrepreneur (ok maybe not everyone’s!), Musk certainly puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to ground-breaking technology. Starlink is a brainchild of his, designed to make high speed internet connections available to even the remotest of locations.

How does he plan on doing that? Well, it kind of helps when you own a space exploration company. Starlink is essentially a division of SpaceX, and through the space launch provider and craft manufacturer Musk has been launching a network of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites which provide the internet connection. There are currently over 2,500 of the satellites in orbit, providing the service to 33 countries around the globe (including Australia, of course!)

What are the Benefits of Starlink to Remote Queensland?

If you head on over to the Starlink website, you can input your address and see if the service is available to you. If it is, and you’re needing to change up your internet service provider or wanting to bring internet to your property, then we’d recommend seriously considering Starlink for a few reasons.

For a start, you’ll get unlimited data on your plan. Often satellite internet connections are capped at a certain limit, but this isn’t the case with Starlink. Download and upload away, anytime of the day.

Secondly and most importantly to remote businesses, Starlink internet is really fast. A major factor in this is that their satellites are much closer to the ground than other satellite internet companies. On average, they’re 65 times closer, meaning signal simply has less distance to travel. They’re claiming users can expect speeds of between 100Mbps and 200Mbps, with latency as low as 20ms.

(Keep reading to see the speeds our Starlink installation gave us!)

Our Queensland Starlink Installation

Our client is a sprawling, remote farm nearly two hours drive away from Brisbane and outside of any mobile coverage areas. Communication has always been an issue for them, creating problems even NBN satellite was unable to solve. Problem one has been getting any kind of high-speed internet into the business, and problem two has been communications around the property itself.

To solve the first problem we turned to Starlink. Our techs went out to the Lockyer Valley and installed the satellite dish on the roof of the property headquarters. Extensive tree coverage meant we had to get clearance from Starlink themselves, and also meant we needed to fabricate custom brackets for better clearance and coverage.

Queensland Starlink installation

The installation was a success, and our techs recorded speeds of 250Mbps with 40ms latency. According to the client “The difference in speed is absolutely insane!” It allows them to work with mapping programs and bigger data applications, removing a number of headaches in their day-to-day operations.

To solve problem two we needed to widen the communication coverage around the property. We achieved this by taking the incoming Starlink connection and boosting it using Ubiquiti Mesh Wifi. This gave it a 300-metre radius that included the sheds, dips and workshops, essentially creating a central communication hub.

The improvement in communication gave our client the ability to work with their head office much more effectively. They have seamless communications with the outside world and can enjoy all the benefits of cloud technology. It also allows for a faster response to incidents around the property and better communications with workers and contractors.

After a long drive and a two day installation, we were pretty pleased with this successful outcome!

Got Any Questions About Queensland Starlink Installations?

Our team of friendly techs would love to answer any questions you have about Starlink installations in Brisbane or around Queensland. We’re a Brisbane managed service provider with special skills in remote communications. No matter your location we can help achieve fast and reliable internet connections for your business. Just get in touch.

This article originally appeared on the Smile IT blog and can be accessed here. EnviroConnect is a part of Smile IT.