Emerald Mine Site

EnviroConnect offers a range of connectivity and communication services to businesses and mining companies in Emerald. We’re here to help you improve your operations through the deployment of high-quality, reliable network system.


Emerald Mine, located in central Queensland, faces several communication issues specific to its environment. The mine’s remote location and rugged terrain make establishing and maintaining reliable communication networks challenging. The surrounding hills and valleys can cause interference, leading to poor signal quality and signal blackspots.


Fortunately, EnviroConnect can implement the following remote communication solutions that eliminate your signal problems:


Rajant uses wireless mesh technology, called Kinetic Mesh®, to build networks that are agile, scalable and extremely robust. When it comes to connecting widespread, moving operations, nobody does it better than Rajant.

The network works by deploying multiple wireless nodes across the physical terrain to be covered. These are called Breadcrumbs®, and they communicate through any wi-fi or ethernet enabled device to deliver high throughput data. Working with the Instamesh® software, they make rock solid video, voice and data communications a reality.

The nodes can be deployed in large quantities and added or removed as required. This provides a completely scalable solution thats agile, dependable and high bandwidth. It’s broadband level connectivity, anywhere in Australia.


SD-WAN Technology

This stands for ‘Software Defined Wide Area Network’. This system takes an existing internet connection and uses compression and optimisation tactics to create a high performing network. Two of the reasons we’re really fond of SD-WAN are:

  • A centralised control function is used to intelligently manage traffic. This prioritises functions in terms of importance, meaning vital business applications don’t compete with trivial processes for bandwidth.
  • An SD-WAN is designed to incorporate cloud functionality. Applications can be hosted in public or private clouds as well as on-site, allowing the incorporation of SaaS applications into business running.


Physical and Cyber Security

Protecting your assets, people, data and clients is more important than ever. Not only are we cybersecurity experts, but we can take care of all your physical worksite access and monitoring. Our expert team uses the latest technology to offer the following services:

  • Security Auditing and Recommendations.
  • CCTV and perimeter security.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Onsite and remote security awareness training.
  • A dedicated security operation and monitoring centre.
  • Access control, boom gates, door security, fence and perimeter monitoring.

Microwave Network Services

Microwave communication technology uses line-of-sight, high frequency radio beams to create super fast connections able to transmit voice, video and data. As microwave network experts in Mount Isa, Smile IT can guide and assist with:

  • Tower design and implementation
  • Support, monitoring and management of the network
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Link design and architecture services
  • Link and site maintenance plans
  • Ongoing support services
  • Mobile boosting design and implementation (CEL-FI)


A strong network and digitalisation will bring multiple benefits to your mine site, including:


  • Improved health and safety: Better communications between all parties on site, combined with technology enabled predictive insights and analysis helps issues to be prevented or dealt with swiftly.
  • Enhanced connectivity allows for real time data analytics, improving the decision making process and the agility of processes.
  • A reliable network means enhanced and improved automation, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective operations.
  • Physical perimeters and on-site access is easier to secure with integrated security and monitoring solutions.
  • Advanced cybersecurity will ensure mining, client and other sensitive data is protected and backed up.