Environmental & Education Trust

Business Overview

Environmental and education trust is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting environmental conservation and providing educational opportunities in the field of environmental science. This trust focuses on improving three core areas: conservation, education, and research. In terms on conservation, the trust collaborates with local communities, governmentsm and other organisations to protect and restore critical ecosystems.


We successfully implemented the following projects to help this Environmental Trust communicate and operate seamlessly in remote locations around Australia:


  • Hardware procurement including laptops, computers, accessories and hardware support
  • Supply and configure Ubiquiti edge routers, access points and ethernet switches
  • Supply and install outdoor/ indoor video surveillance
  • Onsite project including removal of faulty disks and installment of replacement disks
  • Mounted Ubiquiti antenna, radio and cable run
  • Starlink procurement, installation, configuration and testing for multiple sites (includes roof mounting, cable path and run)
  • Supply and configure PowerSheild UPS
  • Swap network equipment for power distribution unit
  • Add cameras to CCTV system
  • Install WiFi access points in multiple locations
  • Configure wireless mesh and access points