Atherton Resources

EnviroConnect provided IT support and maintenance for the IT infrastructure and staff operating from remote sites in Townsville and Chillagoe.


Atherton Resources, is a resource-based exploration and development company focused on the Chillagoe Mineral district in North Queensland.


Some of the tasks we’ve undertaken for them include:​

  • Monitoring and maintaining all IT infrastructure at the two sites. This included the various servers, networking equipment and workstations used by the 40-plus staff onsite
  • Smile IT deployed and configured new networking equipment so that a secure site-to-site VPN could be established between the Townsville office, the Chillagoe office and the Brisbane office
  • Smile IT implemented WAN acceleration technology which considerably helped improve the links at the remote sites
  • Smile IT implemented a new backup and disaster recover solution to backup all server data to network attached storage and then replicate the backup data to external hard drives. This allowed the data to be taken offsite and used for recovery purposes in the event of a disaster
  • Smile IT designed and implemented a wireless point-to-point and 4G solution to provide internet access from the main office building in Chillagoe to site offices. These included 15-kilometre links from site to base station.