Middlemount Coal

A coal mining organisation requires reliable, high-performance, and seamless connectivity solutions to ensure efficient operations and the safety of workers and infrastructure. 

Business Overview

A successful medium-sized mine. At their large open-pit site they operate more than 20 different mining-specific software systems. Their complex network requires wide area coverage as well as multi-site connectivity. Smile IT quickly learned and understood the business needs and internal operations of their systems, allowing us to provide reliable, solutions, a world-class first line of support and consistent up-time for their business-critical systems.


Using our experience with ITIL and COBIT governance frameworks, we identified areas of concern and successfully implemented the following projects to address these :


  • Development of an Online Induction Application for visitors
  • Improved communications links from 4MB to 10MB by implementing an IP VAS
  • Telecommunications restructure project including relocation of data centre and supply/configuration of IP phones. (Major cost savings were achieved)
  • Telematic monitoring on all vehicles using Wenco (including Wi-Fi mesh for pit coverage)
  • Implemented fuel farm network and live fuel usage monitoring across site
  • Improved security, swipe cards, boom gates and CCTV across mine site
  • Implemented full documentation and IT handbook for site and support
  • Installed long range microwave links for wide area network access
  • Installed Multi-Panel Informational TV solution for safety and training.